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  • Industrial Battery Accessories

    Supplying water for batteries is critical to keeping your business running smoothly, and we carry the allied products to take the guesswork out of this phase of your operation. We also offer an OSHA-certified battery spill kit to help you keep everyone safe in the event of a spill.

  • Industrial Batteries and Chargers

    Raymond of New Jersey carries batteries and chargers for all lift trucks and industrial powered vehicles—regardless of make or model—to help you decrease downtime and improve efficiency. Most sizes are in stock and available the next day, and we also offer rental batteries and lease programs for added flexibility. We ensure you get more runs per shift, better performance, and reduced downtime in even the most demanding environments. And we partner with the best in the business to keep your operation running smoothly.

  • Battery and Charger Rack

    Industrial Battery Changing Systems

    Make the everyday task of changing batteries as fast, simple and efficient as possible with industry-leading battery-handling products from Raymond of New Jersey. Whether it’s charging, transporting or storing batteries, we’ll deliver the precise systems your operation needs.

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