Consigned and Managed Forklifts Parts Programs

  • Consignment Parts Program

    Whether you have Raymond trucks or a mixed fleet, our consignment parts program is all you’ll ever need.

    Save time, money and effort by simply paying for the parts you stock only when they get utilized. We can also track your inventory and automatically order when the stock gets low, and we can design a custom parts-sourcing and fulfillment plan around your business.

  • Managed Parts Program

    Raymond of New Jersey has the proven expertise to manage every aspect of your parts program with our Managed Parts solutions. We meticulously manage your parts inventory and needs, and automatically restock when supplies are low.

    By entrusting us to manage your parts, you'll save time, money and effort day in and day out. And best of all, we deliver the majority of parts in 24 hours or less.

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    Flexible Solutions For All Of Your Parts Needs

    Raymond of New Jersey makes it easy to maximize productivity with our flexible Managed and Consignment Parts Programs.